Sunday, 29 July 2012

My Day Today...

Today for me is family day... well kind of - Em is watching Top 1000 Gold Medal Classics and I can tell you there has been some songs I haven't heard in years. Like Eminem: Lose Yourself - makes me want to go and pull out the 8 Mile DVD and watch it... The eighties definitely had the best dancing music though some of the video clips made me realise not everyone should dance, though I have had a good laugh at them. Emily looks at them and asks is this where I got my idea for crazy dancing for Christian and Doyle. All I can say is write what you know (I was a teen in the eighties so this is what I knew).

Em has agreed that not all of my music now sucks as much as she thought it did. She has taken quite an interest in Bon Jovi, Guns & Roses and Bruce Springsteen - now if I can just convince her George Michael really is the lead singer of Wham (she just doesn't want to admit it - LOL).

NEWSFLASH: Okay so this might only be exciting for me, but Em and I just bought tickets to go and see Nickelback in concert in November. I can't believe that it has been three years since I last saw them in concert. I so cannot wait - I still couldn't convince the hubs to come with us - his loss.

ON WRITING: Well I am kinda at a standstill with my writing I have the overwhelming urge to change the title of my Christmas story I am writing for MLR Hidden Gifts seems so out of place as the story has changed totally from where I thought it was heading but what else is knew with me. And I am one of those writers who needs a title before I can write the damn story so this is killing me. So I have been thinking every day for new titles. here are the ones in the running:

Dark Days Of Christmas
Do You See What I See
My Gift To You
My Christmas Wish For You
The Greatest Gift Of All

All I can really tell you at this time is that one of the main characters is Casey: a twenty year old Goth, the other is Marty: a twenty nine year old slightly pudgy guy who works in his family Cafe called Papa Lee's.

I can also tell you there is a vindictive ex and all the rouble he causes and Casey isn't welcome at his own home because of his step-mother. I'm not sure what is happening there yet - told you as soon as I find the new title I will start writing again.

Okay I am out here for today... I should try and get some writing done on something else.

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