Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Back On Track!

I think I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with this damn flu-bug. I still have the annoying pain in the arse cough, but hey I can live with that. Today I am going to try and catch up on some writing... I wrote 4 K about four days ago and I am dreading re-reading it in case I went off on some weird arse tangent and left what I was meant to be writing about (Christmas: On the12th Day) but that means I an over halfway on that story fingers crossed it makes sense (codeine based pain killers, flu medicine and writing may not work well together).

So I have heaps of writing I need to catch up on if I have a hope in hell of making all my deadlines on time. This is me and we all know I work fast under the crunch... just hope what I write is worth reading - LOL. But I am medication free and my brain is somewhat working again. It is raining here today so what a better atmosphere to write in.

Wish me luck.

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