Monday, 3 September 2012

PITA Things...

Okay, so here's a little taste into my life at the moment - I have been getting hit by scammers and telemarketers and I mean like up to 15-20 calls a day (on some days). It has been driving me nuts to the nth degree so today I bit the bullet and had my name changed and registered for the DO NOT CALL register. I am not saying it will stop them all completely but it should stop most of them. Most of the charities I deal with will be able to contact me via email. For my family You will all find out what the new number is as soon as I get around to telling you all (that's Nana's department - so if you don't get told it's because she's old and forgot to tell you).

Other than that I have just been working on Lie to Me. I know it won't appeal to everyone one as it starts off with an instance of cheating (well kind of - okay it is cheating, but he goes home and tells his girlfriend straight away that he thinks he's gay). The cheating is needed for the rest of the story line (There is no cheating anywhere else in the story). So I am hoping people will understand the why of  - why it happened. If not at least I am giving people fair warning of what is going to happen. and this is book one in the series Taking Chances (there is no instances of cheating in the three books which follow).

I am still working on my other works as well - even if I have been a bit slack of late and I am even working on my blog stories which seem to have fallen to the wayside these past couple of months I have no excuse except I have been a slacker and let real life get in the way.

For those of you who are interested this is the guy that does all my tattooing. Don't let the innocent look fool you... My brother Ted Saddo of Sink the Ink: Tattoo & Body Piercing, is just as crazy as the rest of us. (PS: he is the one who coloured in the picture for me I have displayed on this blog).

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