Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Just A Quickie!!!

Just letting you all know that at the moment I am busily doing edits for my Silver Publishing Christmas story : A Moon-Runner Christmas... which has a tentative release date of December 9th. I can't wait to see the covers for these. The best news is the wordage limit which I swore was 15K is now 25K so I am desperately expanding where the story needs it as I have until October 12th to get it all done.

On another note - I will be able to pick my cover for my MLR Holiday story: Christmastime at Papa Lee's. I think we get to chose from four covers like we did for the Father's Day stories. It is so exciting when we are doing cover - I don't care if it is anthology cover or one of my personal ones this is almost as exciting as getting the initial contract for the story in the first place.

Other than that I am still working on the background info on TLOM... I think I am having more fun doing this than when I actually wrote the stories in the first place. and the more I work on them the more I find I like individual characters who never had much to do with the story before... they all want to have their time in the spotlight.


  1. NJ,
    Very cool!!! Looking forward to kindling more of your books!!!! (& with purty covers...yum you know I'm all about the covers!).
    Big hugs, Z.

    1. Thanks, Z. I am looking forward to getting them all out there. I am getting myself more organised for 2013... I have set things I want to have out and I am already in planning mode. After I finish doing the TLOM backgrounds etc, I am going to be doing the same for the Toowoomba Boys, Lancaster's Way, & Preternatural High (YA).