Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Week That Was FUBAR!!!

I can't believe the week I have had - seriously I was ready to tear my hair out of my head in frustration and anger. let me give you a little warning and some advice - YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS ARE NOT SAFE... I have been having a problem with scammers who ring up pretending to be from Microsoft and wanting access to my computer - or the ones who say they need to give me a refund for something I know damn well I have never purchased and wanting my credit card details so they can refund me.

It got so bad I was getting phone calls every 30 minutes on the dot. I was dreading the phone ringing and having to answer it - I changed my phone number which I have told you all before and put my number to silent and on the DO NOT CALL register. At least now I am not getting the harassing calls. (It takes approximately a week for the phone number to swap over) and in the week I made my husband answer the damn phone as much as possible.

The worst part was in that final week one of the scammers which I actually answered rattled off not only my credit card number but the security code on the back. How they got this I do not know, but it scared the fricken bejesus out of me. I immediately cancelled said credit card and thanks to my bank they told me no money had been taken from my account which I am very thankful for. They claimed to have gotten the card numbers from my bank and my government which is a crock of shit if you ask me.

So my advice is - Please be very careful with how you use your card and, who you give your numbers to. May none of you have to experience the week I have had to just live through.


  1. Wish I was there to give you a huggle darling. I hope next week or maybe tomorrow starts getting better.

    How is the writing going? I re-reading needing some more toowanbee (spelling so wrong) boys...just saying.


    1. Cinders you know me - I bounce back like a crazy bitch... I am doing great today...