Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Playing Catch-Up & A Kris Jacen Challenge.

I was going through and tidying up my computer files, and came across this picture this is a closer up picture of Doyle Kerwin from The Lines of Marsden. I also purchased this one from the fabulous DW Skinner.

Someone once told me I didn't pick really sexy guys as my inspiration. I was like Hello!!! Not everyone has the same idea of what beautiful is. Weirdly, I really like this guy, and he suits my image of Doyle (messy hair and all).

I am in negotiations with the awesome Lex Valentine to make me some trading cards images... I can then have made up into sets of each line of Marsden - I am concentrating on the first line though & am still looking for my ever elusive Gypsy - I should just take a picture of Emily and use her as she is my Gypsy. Mind you she may kill me for doing it which wouldn't be good at all.

I have been so busy of late in my real life that my writing life has been relegated to the back burner for the moment. I need to get back into the swing of things. What better way then to try my hand at one of Kris Jacen's challenges. (See below for details).


So here are the boys…they’re both coming to me every time I hear three different country music songs. It’s definitely the tone of the second two songs but there’s the vibe of the first.

Feel Like a Rockstar (Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw)

Time is Love (Josh Turner)

Shinin’ on Me (Jerrod Niemann)

Neither of them are giving me names…One of them is definitely a country music star, can see him moving on stage while singing. The other I believe is a paparazzi (or a reporter) that’s following him (not stalking) because he believes he’s “family. Doesn’t want to out him but wants him for his own.


See if you can write me a scene with MC1 performing and coming off stage and dragging MC2 off to burn off MC1’s performing high.

PS: I will post my part of the challenge tomorrow.

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