Friday, 21 September 2012

Update On TLOM 2: Living in Shadows

Last night I had a dream ~ Okay, that sounds pretty weird, but it was a dream that had me rethinking the storyline in The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows. We all know Michael is my main focus in the first 6 books. In book two I was thinking of bringing Gypsy joining the family as the main focus, but last night Doyle cracked the shits big time, and so today, I am going back through and making Gypsy a secondary storyline, and stepping Doyle up. So for all of you who are interested; it is gonna take me a bit of time to get this new thought line inter-phased with what I already have in place.

Honestly, I think this may answer some of those questions people have about Doyle... If not it will give you more questions. Living in Shadows is probably the only book that doesn't end in a HEA... but that just can't be helped. I am hoping you will all forgive me in this, but I just can't think of any other way to end it. I promise I am also working on Pools of Amethysts at the same time. So I am hoping there won't be yonks in between books 2 & 3 being released.

If any people had questions I never answered in book one feel free to ask me, and I will try and answer them in the next few books. As you all know my mind works a mile a minute, and I don't want to overlook anything. Lets face it; we all know that is possible with me - seeing as how easy I get distracted.

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