Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Dreaming State & Renovations.

This is so true... This morning I woke up with the end of book 6 in The lines of Marsden series running through me head. The Kingdom Of No Regrets...  is screaming at me for attention. Don't the voices inside my head know I still have to redo 3, 4, & 5 first before I can do 6? But at least now I know how it ends so I can work at filling in all the events that happen before I arrive at that destination.

Fricken hell, I'm still on the tail end of Book 2 Living in Shadows and one of my characters has just thrown me for a loop. Let's just say Gypsy certainly like to get her own way.

The renovations in the office/library are going well. I have two lots of shelves up and I've already moved a heap of my print books in. Though now I have to go through and sectionalise them.. I've got 4 main groups.
  1. Young Adult Fiction.
  2. Adult fiction.
  3. Research.
  4. Music and Bios.
Em is refusing to help me because she thinks I'll only screw it all up. But I say. "What's the use in having print books if I'm not allowed to read them?"


  1. I am curious about Gypsy....

    Good dreams...glad to hear you can see the end on the renovations.

    I love books..that is why I am a book whore.


    1. If you ever get to meet my Emily you will see the living breathing version of Gypsy. and you have 16 more books where you get to see how she meddles in not only her line but in the two later ones as well... I am just writing her rescue at the moment.