Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Tough Weekend...

well Sunday and Monday were my official weekend this week; and Sunday I finally managed to get the books all transferred to the library. I even got most of them up on the shelves. Plus I have all the CDs in place..

Monday, I finished putting up the print books. I can't wait for the rest of the shelves to go up so I can put up all the DVDs that will free up more space in my house.

Well, I also have one scene to write on The Lines Of Marsden: Living In Shadows. The final scene... I should have finished it yesterday but I was preoccupied with print books and having a stupid migraine all afternoon.

On a positive note the people at Sanity Music gave me a Bernard Fanning poster. He was the lead singer of the Australian band - Powderfinger, but now he is solo... but I have always liked them.


  1. Does it feel good to have things getting done? Whoot on the poster. Always fun to get something for sorta free.


    1. Yeah it does and I hope when he gets home this weekend he will get the last of the shelves up and I can get the rest of the stuff off the office desk. I feel like I'm too cluttered.