Sunday, 13 October 2013

OZ MM Meet

Well we arrived in Sydney on Friday and met up with a heap of wonderful authors and readers... I got to fan girl with Serena Yates & Toni Griffin... here I was ready to squee and I did... then I realised that they are just normal people. I have made so many friends here, Shaz, Allison Todd, Barry Lowe, Toni Griffin, Penny Brandon, Pelaam, E.E. Montgomery, Jess Buffet, Bec, Matthew Lang, A. B. Gayle, Isabelle Rowan, Mary, Serena Yates, Nicstar, Meredith Shayne, N.R. Walker, Byron, Sue M, and a few more that I will have to fill in later when I remember who they are... There was so much to take in but so far I'm loving it.

Tomorrow we are all heading to the Zoo... I am freaking out as we have to catch the sky rail - I so do not work well with heights... If you hear someone screaming than it's probably me.

Next year Oz MM Meet is scheduled to be in Melbourne so I' looking forward to that. It will be great to meet up with everyone again.

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