Friday, 18 October 2013

Sit back, relax, & let me ramble on...

Here I was realising that I have so much to do in the next 2 & a half months and then I see pictures like this, which put new story ideas in my head.

I'm trying not to start on something new when I have so much I need to finish by the end of the year... and I need to revise some of my writing schedule for 2014.

My major projects are:
  1. Sons of Evenmore: Blood to Blood, which I have decided will be my NaNoWriMo for this year & will go to MLR.
  2. The Connelly Chronicles: Beautiful Goodbyes, which is still just a happy for now book with one bit of heart breaking tragedy that I am working myself up to write for Silver.
  3. The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows, which I will hopefully have in edits with MLR
  4. The Experimentals: Blessed with a Curse, which will hopefully be released soon with MLR
  5. The Gaean Prophecies: Admetus Gaea, which is about to start edits with Silver.

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