Monday, 28 October 2013

Waking the Demon

Yes, today I feel like I have a demon inside of me and his name is Vladimir... my bastard of a muse is still off on vacation and I need him home ASAP. It has been a week since I have written anything at all, and it is starting to freak me the hell out.

On other news: I have spent that time cleaning my office after returning from the Oz MM Meet in Sydney earlier this month. I had so many ideas that it sent Vlad running. Looks like it is up to me this time to sort my head out... he's taken Michael Marsden & Doyle Kerwin with him - I hope he brings them back in one piece.

Sitting here I realise I need to rearrange my noticeboards again, so that it makes it easier to get to some important bits of information... Things I have tacked up - like story idea's/notes/my necklaces...etcetera - all the important stuff.


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