Thursday, 22 January 2015

Beautiful According To me ~ Character Inspiration: The Brother's McCrieve

When I first saw this picture I immediately knew I wanted to use him as a character in a story... At first I wasn't even sure which story I would like to use him in, but the more I look at him the more The Brother's McCrieve comes to mind... I think this beautiful person is going to end up being one of the main characters in book 1: In The Arms Of Justice... I think I finally found the first born and leader of my Demon PodJustice McCrieve.

Another one when I first saw it I knew that I had found Jericho McCrieveSecond in charge (Beta or something similarstill thinking on a word I want to use) Also second born in their pod. Whereas Justice is calm and wise Jericho like to kick a little arse when needed.

Jaeger McCrieveThird in line. He's also the more technically inclined. He's also in charge of keeping track of jobs and payments owed. He also tends to be the more level headed out of the brothers.

Joss McCrieveFourth born and in charge of fire-power. He's the one that buys the weaponry and making sure they have gear for each assignment they are sent out on.

Jaik McCrieveFifth born and scout for the pod. Jaik goes out before hand and checks out the local of where they are supposed to collect who they are sent after. He makes sure there are no nasty surprises waiting for them.

Jarrel McCrieveSixth and last born in the pod. His job in the group is as the medic out in the field. He's also the most protected of the pod as medics are a rare breed. They are born knowing. Once a pod loses their medic they either have to go without, or steal a medic from another pod.

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