Friday, 23 January 2015

Sentinels of Varnuse 2: Wind Walkers [4]

Dominic leant back against the log and watched as Arron and Crimson bickered over just what to put in the stew pot. What did it even matter—food was food. He was sure Crimson only argued for the sake of hearing himself talk. It was kind of funny watching Arron get so flustered over the little slip of a man. He wondered how long it would be before Arron just lashed out and knocked Crimson out. God he hoped the stopped arguing soon—anything for some peace and quiet. Mind you, then he’d have to retaliate by knocking Aaron onto his arse for harming his mate.

“We need more spices, it brings out the flavours more, it will infuse the meat more.” Crimson declared.

“What meat? You chucked a hissy fit and wouldn’t let me add any.” Arron growled.

Crimson rolled his eyes, “I said you couldn’t have bird flesh as your meat source, feel free to stick anything else in it. Why don’t you get your big strong mate to catch your some fish and use that? Or hunt down a wilder boar”

Dominic chuckled; he knew Arron would rather die of starvation before he would ask Vayne for help with anything. The two were only together now because they were both mated to Simian. Not that either of them seemed to believe. They constantly argued no man in the history of their people had ever had two mates. So now they worked together to locate Simian, and once the man was found he’d be able to sort all this shit out by telling them just who his true mate was.

Over the time they’d been travelling companions Vayne had talked to him—probably needing someone to be his sounding board—someone who wouldn’t judge. He knew that deep down in his heart Vayne honestly he was Simian’s mate. Vayne was also pretty sure that Arron believed the same thing. The worst past for Vayne told him was that the more time he spent around Arron; the harder it was to keep the man at arm’s length. Apparently everything about Arron attracted seemed to Vayne.

“If you don’t go away and leave me the hell alone I am going to rip your tongue out and add it to the stew.” The sound of the anger in his voice was enough to bring Dominic back out of his thoughts

“I’m not doing anything wrong. You are the one who doesn’t know how to cook.” Crimson yelled as Arron stood up and strode towards the forest; punching a small tree as he passed. “You know that tree never hurt anyone” Crimson taunted.

Crimson turned towards him with a mischievous gleam in his eye. “Well my work is done.” He laughed as he came over and sat beside Dominic.

“One of these days you are going to push him too far.” Dominic said

“He’s too uptight; he needs to loosen up a little. I never see him smile unless he’s looking at Vayne. But then it seems more of a sad smile like he’s hurting. I don’t understand why he’d be hurting? I mean they’re mates after all. Why doesn’t he turn to Vayne for comfort? Why doesn’t Vayne comfort him when he needs it? I know with us I’m going to love you like there’s no tomorrow. I’ll never treat you like you Like Vayne and Arron treat each other. Why can’t they see how wrong it is?”

When Crimson finally slowed to take a breath Dominic answered. “Arron and Vayne aren’t willing to admit they’re also mated to each other as well as Simian. They each think the other is claiming to be Simian’s mate out of spite.”

“What do you mean when you say they’re not mates? Of course they are. If they’re both mated to Simian then they have to be mated to each other, right? That’s the way it works with Simian’s kind. He needs the added love to keep him grounded and safe. If they don’t come to some sort of compromise on this, then they’ll never be truly happy once they’re reunited with Simian? Fate chose the three of them for a reason. Fate is never wrong.”

“Again I have to ask how do you know all this?” Dominic asked his mate genuinely perplexed by it all.

“Our grandmother was a big believer in the old ways, she taught Nico and I all about how things were and the way they were meant to still be. Something happened in all the eons that have passed and our way of thinking changed. Grandmother told us that one day it would be up to Nico and I to lead the world in the right direction and get our people back on track. Grandfather thought she was polluting our minds and he had her killed, he burnt all her books along with her body but I always remember the things she told us. Because I believe they are true.”

“Your Grandfather had his wife killed?” Dominic blurted in utter shock.

“Yes, apparently Grandfather isn’t a believer in the old ways.”

“One day you are going to have to write down all that your grandmother told you. Preserve the stories for generations to come.”

Dominic pointed to where Vayne had followed Aaron into the surrounding bush land and smiled—maybe things will all work out.

I hope so.

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