Monday, 5 January 2015

What's The Plan

I’ve got so much to get through this year and I’m seriously finding it hard to get started. It’s not helping that the kids are on school holidays. Mind you Em no longer lives at home and Ethan has gone to work with his dad today so I have some sense of peace.

For some godforsaken reason my head is pressuring me to fully spring clean the house. The only problem is no one else wants to lend a hand. And I may also have been a little side tracked by Pinterest… I somehow managed to set up an account that I don’t even remember doing—I hate it when Facebook links me to everything… But that hasn’t stopped me for putting up pictures—you can take a look HERE

So I have 4 contracts with books coming out early 2015 so I will be finishing them up and doing edits while still working on new stuff:
1. Experimentals 2: Running Into Zero Tolerance
2. The Lines Of Marsden 3: You Make Me Die In Pieces
3. The Diamond Rose 1: Gateway To Kalethia
4. Storming Love: Flash Floods ~ Adrian & Lockie

I’ll be trying to keep up with my blog every day, and will welcome guest bloggers should the need a spot to show off their wares… So let me know if you want to borrow my blog for a day.

I really should clean out my office again as over the holidays the rest of the family seemed to use the desktop as a dumping ground for everything they didn’t want to put away. So it’ll be left up to me once again… I’ll teach them all a lesson—if it isn’t mine I’ll throw it away.

I’m still blogging over on the TEB BLOG on the 6th of every months so feel free to stop by and see what I’m on about. It’s mainly my work with & for TEB. I think doing a post helps me keep motivated to write for them.

GOOD NEWS: we finally had rain and all our tanks are full again. So I’m happy as all get go… I wish I had another tank to fill up with water so I never run dry again. I may have to talk to the hubs about that idea.

BIG PLANS: home wise I want to try and get the bathroom renovated. We have a huge spar bath, which is a bloody useless thing to have when you’re on tank water (it came with the house). It’s just taking up space in my bathroom. Space I could be using the space for better things… Another thing I’ll have to talk to the hubs about.

The hubs & Ethan have started renovating part of the kitchen—building an extra cupboard to house all my pots and pans. It’s fricken awesome—only the edging and doors to go and it’ll be done. And the hubs also fixed my washing machine for which I’m very grateful for.

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