Wednesday, 14 October 2015

My Thoughts...

These days I have a lot on my mind. Sadly most of it has nothing to do with writing. My home life has taken over control and won't give me peace until they're damn well ready.

While the husbands been home I've been getting all the jobs done that needs doing. we are building a fence, (mind you, I've left that one mainly up to my husband). But we have also been working on the renovations in my home office... plus my hubs built me a rolling pin hanger, (I have one with skulls on it and two with bats) for me they are merely decorations as I neither cook nor eat sweets.

I also had to buy a new TV and a new washing machine. Why is it all the appliances seem to go at once? and my husband built me a box to sit the bar fridge on so that it stands as high as my normal fridge and freezer. We're trying to get everything set up before my husband goes back to New Zealand to work as he could be gone for six months.

Tomorrow night I have to be at the high school for my son to choose his electives for next year... he's going from grade 9 into grade 10. I think he's going to pick the more hands on electives like automotive, engineering, and HPE. I guess I'll find out for sure tomorrow night.

Emily is studying like a trooper as she has to sit uni exams in 2 weeks. mind you she is changing her Bachelor after the exams have been sat... she will be going from business to nursing (mainly because she struggles with the accounting parts of business). With the amount of times she has been in hospital she should be pretty good at it.

It's been stinking hot here and it's only spring. If this is a portent for what summer is going to be like then I don't want it... Mother Gaea please take it back. Another job we've accomplished is adding another tank to our place. Hopefully we get enough rain to fill them as I hate switching over to town water as it always smells and tastes like chloride.

I have been taking it easy for the last two days (besides edits of course) working my way through the Harry Potter movies. The amount of times I've watched these things there are parts I swear I've never seen before. Mind you it's good to see how the characters grew up. Mind you I think of the Slytherin people changed completely in different scenes. I'm enjoying them non-the-less.

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