Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Okay, so I bought a complete series of 7 ebooks which cost me $80.41 (Australian) from somewhere, (I won't say where as I don't want to start a war on anyone, because that would annoy me even more. Mob mentality sucks, and I don't want to be the cause of any kind of witch-hunt). Now, getting back to what I was saying... when I went to download this series I couldn't unless I was linked to the UK Amazon...But alas I'm with Australian Amazon, and if I downloaded straight to my computer then it would only download in epub... So doing the right thing I contacted the company and asked what I could do. They told me to download Kindle Previewer... so I did, and weirdly it won't open up to fill the page so I can only see the small box where you can hardly read what's written there. Anyway I tried to open the epub book in there it would even register I have an epub book on my computer. So I'm basically still screwed to ever reading these books, (at least I still have them in paper back so I can read them that way). So after swearing for a few minutes I ended up going back into the website and cancelling my order.


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