Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Justified Or Not ~ Words Hurt.

← I honestly have to believe that statement is true, because if I don't then I could possibly become very depressed with life. It has recently been pointed out to me that I share too much of my private life at the most inappropriate moments in time... so I'll have to work on that. Honestly I hardly go anywhere so I don't see that happening at all, but it must be true or else this person wouldn't have said it... and in case you're wondering, I do trust this person. They wouldn't have said it out of spite. Sometimes I just have no brain to mouth buffer.

→ Reviews I think are what hurt me the most, because people's opinions sometimes can be very scathing. I always figured even if you don't like the story you could always say it in a nice way instead of just ripping the author to shreds. You have to remember the author poured their hearts and souls into the stories they produce and it hurts to see the way people sometimes ruthlessly tear them apart. I've had some particularly bad ones in the past, so much so that I really hate to read my reviews. a few have brought me to tears. most just leave that big old ball of lead in the guts feeling, where you are sure that the reader didn't even understand what you were trying to say in your story... and if they couldn't get it, then how crap of a writer must I be? They worse ones are the ones that call my work sugary sweet, which is never my intention while writing a story.

→ Don't ask questions if you don't want the truth. Some people don't know how to soften the bluntness. I am one of those people. I'm also one of those where if I ask a question I expect the truth and not some convoluted version of the truth. I don't get hints. So it's best to tell me straight out what you mean.

→ I'm not the sort of person who will sulk about things for days, or weeks on end. because that's just not me. I'll go away and think about it for a day or two and figure out how to make myself a better person, or a better writer. I don't think I can please 100% of the people/readers 100% of the time, because if I could it would be a miracle. Just know that when I do return I will be stronger for having done so.


  1. Good on you Norm you're an ACHIEVER and you have already gained so much. So VERY PROUD of you sis x x x x