Friday, 21 December 2012

Cherie Noel - Rum Balls & Chicken Soup

Christmas Rum Balls
(A Kiss & Tell Interlude)


Santa Neil in leather, elf Tony in a sock;
Watch naughty Kevin, falling like a rock.
He’s off the nice list—coal city’s straight ahead,
‘Til a miracle’s made with wrist restraints, a bow and Rum Balls in their bed.

Santa Neil and Elf Tony have a problem. Their wayward boy Kevin, fallen off the nice list and headed straight for coal-in-the-stocking-city, is hauling around a truckload of unnecessary guilt.

Together, they mix up a brand new recipe for Christmas fun, complete with Santa Neil in leather, Elf Tony in a smile and a strategically placed sock, and of course, some delicious Christmas Rum Balls. Their bring the big day early, but one question still remains…Can they entice Naughty Kevin to release his burden and open his sweet self to the Christmas spirit all around him?

Cuddle Time Chicken Soup 
(Soldier of the 569th)


Life’s rocky road comes wrapped in black ice at Christmas, so make sure your emergency kit comes equipped with a jumbo thermos of Cuddle Time Chicken Soup to keep you warm while you wait for rescue from the emotional wreckage of spinning out on repressed emotion.

Just when Christie Collins thinks he has found a smooth stretch on life's rocky road, watched over by his very own hot-blooded state trooper, he's slip-sliding away on the black ice of tragic memories. While reaching for the hope he sees in the twinkle of Christmas lights Christie takes his eyes from the road for one critical moment, and is blindsided by the past. Spinning out of control, wrecked by devastating loss of yet another friend will Christie's trusty first responder have time to find him before their love dies of injuries sustained in the emotional crash or will it be too late for the near-miraculous healing and warming powers of cuddle time chicken soup to set things right again?

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  1. Very nice blurbs. Cherie is an excellent treat for the holidays.