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Lynn Hagen - Melonee Brac's Mistltoe Madness

Melonee Brac's Mistletoe Madness


 Maverick Brack is havig a hard time letting go. It has been a full year since melonee found her mate, yet he can't seem to accept that she's not his little girl anymore. melonee knows Maverick loves her, but waiting to be with Ruttford is no longer an option.

 Especially when Ruttford gives her five days to settle her affairs at home before he claims her.

 But her trouble are only beginning when a stranger shows up at her door and Melonee realizes the handsome man is her second mate.

Adam Nyte hasa come to Brac Village with a hidden agenda, but soon finds nothing is as it seems, including the way the seductive but innocent Melonee Brac affects him.

Between her family offering up sex tips and Maverick blowing a gasket every time her mates' names are mentioned, Melonee has no more room for madness in her life. But will she be able to handle the love of two men, or will the chaos all around her prove too much?

To see where Melonee first lays eyes on her mate jump back a year and take a look-see at where it all began.

A Brac Pack Crazy Family Christmas


 When Maverick decides he wants every one to participate in  the Nativity Scene play, the mates scatter, trying their best not to get handed a manuscript. The problem is, maverick isn't taking no for an answer.

 When Kota decides to pay off the Christmas elf to remind Blair what the season is all about, he has no clue that the elf would decide to get even for making him wear tights. He leaves litt;e gifts for the mates as he whistles his way through the Den.

 Can the mates pull together and Participate in the play, or is Maverick going to put his foot down and demand that the mates gove the Brac Pack babies a show to remember?

  WARNING: this book contains a mischievous elf, a pet reindeer, off-keyed singing, lots and lots of hot sex, and a surprise ending that none of the warriors saw coming!

NOTE: Each book in Lynn Hagen's Brac Pack collection focuses on a different romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, we recommend reading the series in sequential order.

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