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Embry Carlysle - Mob Love...

Mob Love - where nothing is as it seems.

I’m busy working my new job at the juice joint Kaleidoscope, which I got a mere week ago. So far I love it a lot more than I did where I worked before. The crowd is less unruly here. I also make more dough. They still cater to the nefarious gangs of Chicago, but here they seem higher class or something. It’s Christmas Eve 1925 and we’re suddenly getting busier as the night goes on. Guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to be alone on the holiday. A group of men and a few dames walked in about a half hour ago taking their usual seat in the back. There is only one person though that catches my eye. He is breathtaking in his pinstripe black suit and white fedora. No one here knows his real name they all just call him pretty boy, behind his back of course. A small scar over his right eye is the only thing that keeps him from being flawless. Everyone in the joint joked that he did it on purpose so he wouldn’t be teased for looking like one of the flappers that so often accompany them. I personally think he is all man and very sexy. The only thing that deters that perfection for me is the fact he is second in charge to ‘Mad’ Max Marciano, the biggest bootlegging, drug running, whore monger in the Chicago area. Rumor has it he had once been Lucky Luciano’s tailor and saved his life by taking a bullet for him. He subsequently quit his job fitting clothes and quickly moved up the ranks. Now he runs his own operation. Didn’t matter what the truth was, he was a mad man, therefore the nickname and he had the morals of Lucipher himself…. None.

I stop my visual stalking for a moment to wait on a few of the patrons but my mind never strays far from him. He is so out of my league not to mention he’s a man and well, so am I. I could be shot just for thinking about him. No telling what would happen if I actually let him know how I felt. I watch for a few more minutes then decide its fruitless especially when I see Lana coming out from the dressing room. She is the epitome of gorgeous female. Her voluptuous body is barely contained in her red sequined gown. Her platinum blonde hair is swept up into some kind of fancy twist thing on top of her head. Even from here I can see her rosy cheeks, long black eyelashes and full red lips.  I can see why the men all follow after her like puppy dogs. The only one who rarely gives her the time is him-I refuse to call him pretty boy-- and I think that’s why she works overtime to grab his attention. He probably has a wife and four kids at home waiting on him anyway but I have to admit it does my heart good when I see him gently push her to the side. Mad Max with his portly belly and huge cigar just laughs at her. She huffs away from them her rear end swaying back and forth as she makes her way to the bar like a petulant child. I feel sorry for her, a little.

“Can you believe the nerve of that man? Just who does he think he is? I am Lana LaRue for heaven’s sake. Every man here wants in my bed! Why I’m the bee’s knees I tell ya! I’ll show him!” She harrumphed.

She grabbed the flute of champagne I set before her. She drinks it every night that she works before she takes the stage to sing. She sounds melodious and sultry when she sings. Sadly, she sounds like a screeching bird when she talks. It is downright excruciating when she gets angry.

She slowly licked her bottom ruby lip and gave me a pouted look, “You would take me to your bed, wouldn’t you Al baby?”

I just smile even though inwardly I’m cringing because I know what a whore she can be and the way she is licking her lips at me tells me what she would do with those lips if my cock were in her mouth. I try not to shudder at that repulsive thought.

“Sure Doll.” I say, giving a mindless wink, than I walk down the bar to help the patrons and pray she leaves to get ready for her next number. I can’t afford for her to question why I’m really not attracted to her and if I spent any time with her she would figure it out. The woman is like a hawk. I glance back just for a second to see if she’s gone when I feel my heart slam against my chest. He’s at the bar. I try to maintain composure when he looks right at me, waving a bill in his hand. I know he just wants a drink but I can’t help fantasizing for just a moment that it’s me he really wants. Hey a guy can dream can’t he?

I slowly walk over to him savoring the beauty of his face. His eyes are dark, nearly black and match the darkness of his wavy black hair. His face and hands are dusky brown color stemming from his Italian heritage and I wonder for a second if he is like that all over. I nearly stumble on the floor mat when the band suddenly begins to play, indicating Lana is about to perform.

I clear my throat afraid my voice will squeak, “Yes sir what can I get you tonight?”

He gives me a half smile and I realize he has dimples that make his face even more splendid. I didn’t think that was possible.
“Bottle of Dom sent over to Mr. Marciano’s table.”

“Yes sir right away.” I start to take the hundred dollar bill out of his hand before I turn to get his order but he grabs my hand instead of giving me the money and holds it tight. I feel afraid for only a second because the grip is strong but not painful. I look up at him because he’s a good three or four inches taller than me and I nearly swallow my tongue with the way he is looking at me. His eyes nearly glow with lust, his cheeks are flushed his nostrils flare as if he wants to devour me. I’m seconds away from jumping over the bar to get to him when to my surprise Lana walks back up to the bar. She should be on the stage already.

She leans her massive chest against his arm, than runs her finger nails down his cheek before she bites down on his earlobe.

“I know you want me lover, you don’t have to act all big man in front of me like you do for Mad Max.” She whispers something in his ear, and his face is like stone as he stares straight ahead. “I’ll be waiting for ya after the show”, she all but purrs. She licks his ear and I see a tremble pass through him like a jolt of electricity, and I realize what a fool I was earlier to think he wanted me like I want him.
He shakes his head then nods at me to leave. I quickly go to the back to get his bottle and take a few thousand fortifying breaths before I go back out there.


I don’t know his name, but I want to. I’ve seen him around but never really noticed him until tonight. He is the most gorgeous man I have ever laid eyes on. His dark auburn hair and bright blue eyes radiate goodness within. I consider myself a good judge of character and this man who has ensnared me tonight is too good for the likes of me. I could never taint him with the ugliness that is my life. Not to mention Max would shoot me on the spot if he knew what I was thinking about regarding the sexy bartender. He knows my preference for men, but says I should keep it behind doors as he has a reputation he doesn’t want tainted for my unusual tastes.

That tramp, Lana ruined everything for me when I was this close to getting what I want; his name. I turn to look back at my table and cringe when I see Max with his hands all over some dame who no doubt wants to be his moll du jour. I wonder what his wife Sophia would think if she could see him. His very presence repulses me. But I have no choice I have to see the job through. It wasn’t easy working my way through the ranks to become his second in command, and no way can I blow it now. I take a deep breath when the kid returns with my bottle. His face looks flushed as if he’s upset. Before I can stop myself I ask him the question that’s been on my mind since I walked in the door.

“What’s your name kid?”

I hand him the money this time keeping my hand off his. He grabs it a little harder than necessary and his eyes go wide when I give him a look of disbelief.

“Sorry sir, uh my name is uh Al” he practically stutters. I wonder what’s got him so upset.

“Al,” I say back, “nice name is it short for something?”

“Aloysius” I can’t help but laugh at the sour look on his face.

“I can see why you go by Al” he laughs at me then blows a breath up into his short hair.

“How long you been working here? I ain’t seen ya around before.” I continue, total lie I know but I can’t let him know I’ve been watching him. All I want to do is stand here all night and just watch him up close and personal like.

He gives me a shy smile. “Oh I started here last week I used to work over at the Big Cat Club across town.

“Yeah I know the place, rough crowd.” I smile back because I can’t help myself. He is so damned cute.

The red of his hair reflects off the bar lights illuminating him in almost heavenly glow and it hits me like a ton of bricks. I need to get the hell away from him. As if he read my thoughts Max yells out my name.

“See ya round kid.” I say with a note of dispair to my voice. He is definitely too good for me. Without saying more I grab the bottle and head back to the table and the gangsters who have become my life. I turn to look at him one more time and the look on his face almost has me going back to him, but it is too late for me, I’m in too deep now and have no room for anyone like him in my life. I hand the bottle to Max and take my seat next to him, full of so much regret.


The bar closed at two a.m. and now I’m cleaning the glasses and the top of the bar. It’s been a very long night, mostly spent overtly watching the man who never gave me his real name. Shortly after her number was over Lana made herself real cozy on his lap. The group only stayed about another hour. I watched him leave hoping he might stop and talk to me again but he never even looked my way, as he wrapped Lana’s coat around her shoulders then headed out the door with the others. He made it pretty obvious they were together.

It’s really cold out tonight and some of the establishments in the area have left their Christmas lights on. It’s kinda peaceful as I walk down the street to my crappy apartment. At least it will be warm inside. The snow begins falling when I’m about two blocks from where I live. Not a soul is out on the streets. I wrap the scarf around my freezing ears when I hear the rumble of what is probably a Model T from somewhere behind me. It’s not smart to stop when a car rumbles up behind you on the street, especially when you’re the only one there. I try walking quicker when I hear the engine right next to me. I take quick stock of my surroundings and wonder how fast I can get away when the car suddenly stops and I hear the door slam.

I’m grabbed from behind and try not to scream.

“Hey Al it’s me.” I recognize the voice immediately and blow out a sigh of relief in a puff of white smoke from the freezing temperatures.

I turn to look into the face of my dream man.

“Hey I didn’t mean to startle you” he says and his voice flows through my body like a warm fire. He’s a lot closer than I realized, I can smell the cologne he’s wearing.

He grabs the lapel of my jacket and yanks me closer still. “Get in the car now!” He demands and I follow him like one of Lana’s puppy dog men.

Once inside the car he leans over to me and grabs my face roughly in his gloved hands. At first I’m so shocked that my mouth drops open and suddenly he is on me, devouring my lips and tongue like a dying man and I’m his salvation. My tongue meets his in a mind-blowing kiss that stops as suddenly as it started. He pulls away then grabs the steering wheel in a death grip and for a moment I fear he might throw me out of the car or worse. He pulls away from the curb instead and all I can do is stare at his profile as we drive through the falling snow. The sound of our collective breathing the only sound I can hear in the car.

I’m trying to remain calm as I drive the snow laden streets to my penthouse. I’m at a loss what to do now that I’ve kissed him. And what an amazing kiss it was too. Any lingering doubts I had earlier about the man liking other men are long gone. I know he wants me as much as I want him and I’m left feeling like a school age boy with a hard dick and no common sense.

I know I make him nervous I have that effect on a lot of people which works well in my job but not so much in relationships. Not that he and I could ever have a real one. Men do not live with other men. It’s an abomination to the world as well as to the organized crime life I’m currently in, which I find rather hypocritical. It’s okay to kill a man but not to fuck him? Even Max who looks the other way still gives me a look of repulsion from time to time. He ties his women up and does unspeakable things to them, yet I’m the one who has no morals.

“What’s your name?” I’m suddenly jolted out of my musings by a low, slightly shaky voice.

I turn towards him and my breath catches at his beautiful face. A face that has no doubt seen too much for someone so young and I find myself wanting to protect him from all the evil in the world, which is laughable considering I’m a part of the evil.

What is my name I ask myself? I have been so many different people in my life that I’m not sure how to answer him. The truth maybe? What could it hurt we can only have tonight anyway. On second thought my real name is unlike any he would have heard before.

“It’s Marco” I decide to play it safe and use the name I have right now, less chance for confusion later. Not that I’ll allow him to remember me. For his own safety it will be better to part as strangers but for now I just want to hold on to a little bit of sanity in a world gone mad. There is a war brewing and I don’t want him caught in it.

“It’s nice to meet you Marco.” He says. I smile at him and I can see his body finally relax.

A few minutes later we pull up to the Plaza, the doorman opens our doors and greets me by name.

“Merry Christmas Mr. Romoloni” He tips his hat then opens the front door.

“Same to you Niles.” I hand him a twenty for no other reason than its very early Christmas morning and freezing outside. It also helps him ‘forget’ who he saw me enter with. The man is very efficient and extremely discreet.

“You have a good holiday gentlemen” he says as I lead Al through the lobby. The elevator seems to take forever to reach my suite and I’m a bundle of nerves for some odd reason. This isn’t my first time to do this and yet it feels strangely like it might be my last.


After the kiss in the car I know what’s about to happen and I’m scared out of my mind. This man Marco is dangerous and sophisticated all rolled into one hot package. When the elevator opens he pushes me in front of him nearly shoving me to his door. I barely make it inside after he opens the door when I am literally mauled where I stand. I have never been with someone whose passion is all consuming like his. I feel as if I might internally bust apart I’m so hot and hard. He grabs my face and kisses me even more devouring then in the car. He grabs at my clothes showing no finesse but with an almost animalistic need. I return the favor by yanking his overcoat off. Next I grab for his belt and begin undoing his pants, grabbing his massive cock in my hand causing him to growl into my mouth but never breaking the kiss. I finally push him away then quickly drop to the ground before he can protest and take him into my mouth. His moans and use of my name are like an aphrodisiac to me. He grabs a fistful of my hair and yanks my head back and I whimper at the loss. He pulls me up to him and places a hard kiss on my mouth then drags me to his bedroom. He shoves me on to the bed. I had no idea I liked being manhandled this much.

“Get undressed now!” he shouts and I find I like this dominance in the bed. Usually I am the aggressive one. Before I know it he is gloriously naked and on top of me. We kiss for a few minutes then I feel his wet fingers slide over my ass, breaching the most intimate part of my body and  I can’t hold back the sounds of ecstasy that leave my mouth. He kisses me slower this time his fingers never leaving me, than he stops the kiss and flips me over, entering my body in a slamming motion. I tremble at the pain it causes and he stops but doesn’t withdraw. He leans over my back and licks my ear.

“I shouldn’t have done that but I want you so goddamn much!” I knew the feeling. I turn my head so I can kiss him, then I pull back and tell him to move. He chuckles then begins drilling my ass and I am in heaven. He is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

The sun is drifting in through the windows. I turn over in my warm bed and see the man I fucked hard all night lying there with such a look of sheer pleasure on his face and I am hard again. I begin kissing his shoulder and moving towards his spine because I can’t seem to keep my hands off of him.

“Merry Christmas” he says in that sleepy voice that is sexy as hell.

“Well isn’t this just cozy and sugary sweet.”

“What the?” I manage to get out as I jump off of him and sit up. Al does the same and we both sit for long seconds staring at the gun toting woman in my bedroom.

“How the hell did you get in here Lana?” I shout. I have several locks on my door and a guard in place out in the hall. Come to think of it Bull wasn’t there last night when we got here but I was so caught up in my lust I didn’t notice. As if reading my mind Lana speaks.

“Such a pity to waste a powerful bonehead man like Bull. But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.”

“Cut the crap Lana and put the gun down. You’re not stupid enough to kill anybody, especially me.”

“Ha, so says you! You’re such a stupid man thinking you can change fate.”

I frown at her for a moment, “what are you talking about?”

“This, what you’re doing here with him” she points the gun in Al’s direction and I quickly lean in front of him to block him from this psycho woman.

“Touching really, Marco, but unnecessary. He has to die, same as before and the time before that. It doesn’t matter how many times you try to change the past it will always end the same. Just like in the future.” Before I can ask the crazy woman what she’s talking about she points the gun right at us and pulls the trigger. I scream out and grab for Al who is now covered in blood. I pull him to me and tell him to hold on that I’ve got him. He gives me a week smile as I lay him down then I jump from the bed to kill the woman who shot him.

“You crazy bitch!” I lunge for her as she blows me a kiss.

“See you next time” then she just disappears into thin air.

“Marco!” Al shouts out in a strangled voice. I run back to the bed and touch his face. He smiles as the life fades from his eyes.

“It was worth it you and me?”

I touch his cheeks, “of course it was. You hold on I’ll get help.”

“No time” he coughs and blood comes out of his mouth and I begin to panic.

“Better luck next time, eh? I will love you into the next world.” he makes no sense what he says before he closes his eyes and death takes him. I hold on to him and scream out.


Will bolted up out of his bed, sweat dripping down his face and back. He looks around his bedroom and everything seems normal. That was without a doubt the weirdest dream he had ever had.

“You’re up. I was just getting us some coffee.

He turns around to see Aleron standing at the door two steaming mugs in his hands, no clothes on his body. “Merry Christmas”

He must read something on Will’s face because he quickly puts the mugs down and goes to him.

“You’re trembling love, what’s wrong?” He leads him back to the bed and lays down next to him on his side.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Will turns to face the man who has only been in his life for a few weeks but who he feels like he has known forever.

“I had a dream and in it we were in Chicago like 1925, Chicago. You were this bartender and I was a mob boss, and this crazy woman killed you, while we were in bed like this on Christmas morning.” Aleron’s face went ashen.

“I told you Aleron, the two of you can never be together.”

Will and Aleron both turned to stare at Tiffany standing at the foot of their bed, a gun aimed at them.

“Like hell you get him this time!” Aleron shouts….

To be continued……

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  1. Seriously talent right here now! OMG It was exceptional. Had tears in my eyes when he got shot. Thanks for sharing the gift.


    1. Wow Cinders that's so sweet of you.......I'm truly speechless and you can ask NJ that never'm so glad you liked it....Will and Aleron will get their happy I promise :)

  2. This.Was.So.Intense!! Can someone Kill that Bitch!?! LOL I want more!!! :-( Can you tell I loved it? Thanks for sharing, Embry and Thank You Norma for having her here!


    1. I am always trying to get Embry to write more - we need to all gang up on her and bombard her blog with requests or even the chant (More Finding Will) maybe then she will realise that she is good and will grant us our wish.

    2. thanks so much Rush for your kind words..............yeah yeah NJ I hear ya...........glad ya'll enjoyed there will be more I promise :)

  3. Is there more to this story somewhere? I ask since there are so many stories being told in small portions throughout the web. Embry, You really have GOT to believe that this is a very intriguing and fantastic story and YES! Do please, write more!!!


    1. Rush~ if you go to Embry's blog and click on the Finding Will label it should bring you up with what Embry has already written - she has been a tad slack of late - but if we hound her she will write us more - LOL.

    2. thanks so much Rush I hope you enjoy it!!! and NJ yeah yeah I know write New Year's Resolution I promise

    3. and I will hound your arse if you don't...LOL. No really I am serious.