Tuesday, 18 June 2013

I Am Away Tomorrow...

Tomorrow I will be spending another awesome filled morning sitting in Ted Saddo's tattoo chair at:  Sink The Ink Tattooz. I'm getting the next instalment on my horror/cartoon sleeve. we are getting closer to the end. I'm hoping to get it all finished before I hit Sydney in October for the OzmmMeet.

I bought my new financial year diary today... the only one in the style I wanted was pink. Not a colour I would normally choose for myself, but beggars can't be choosers as they say. Well, at least I won't lose the damn thing. Last years I lost quite a bit, it had a tendency to blend into the desk top as they were both mahogany.

My new computer tower arrives on Friday at some stage. The nice guy who is putting it all together (Bob) is just adding all the programs I want. I can't wait until the damn thing is installed and then Em will be happy she doesn't have to share the laptop any more. Even though it's my laptop.


  1. I hope everything went smoothly for you in the chair. Kids are funny with computers.


    1. Everything went cool in the tattoo chair I have about 2 more sessions to go and then it will be done - Yay...