Saturday, 8 June 2013

My Upcoming Week

I have an agenda... How well my week runs is how close I can stick to said agenda. With the way I get distracted we all know that could happens so easily this week might just turn into a giant cluster-fuck.

First off I still have no new editor news for MLR (I know I have one just not who it is as yet - to be honest I think my computer ate it). If I don't hear anything by my Monday I'll email and ask.

I have the last 10K of Windblown Kisses: My Knight in Tarnished Armour, which I promised my beta reader (Yoda - aka - James Adkinson) he'll get this by the end of the weekend or the middle of next week by the latest. After he's finished doing his thing with the story line I'm going to sub it somewhere. Not sure where, but as soon as I know I'll tell you all. Though I want to know if before I send it to be subbed would Cinders read through it to make sure I haven't left any major holes in the story line... Let me know if you can.

I have a ton more tax stuff to get together and I have a meeting with our business manager on Thursday in Brisbane... so I have to get that done. (Funny story: I will be able to laugh about it later, but right now I feel like slamming my head against the wall. One of our cats (Toby) decided it would be a good idea to jump up on my office desk, an in the process he knocked down all the carefully separated files so everything fell into a big mess. So now I have to re separate them all because when my mum picked them up she mixed them up even further and put them all together). I plan on fixing them on Tuesday and Wednesday so I have them ready by Thursday.

Emily is getting ready to reapply for the Army... her required amount of years has passed since she had her operation (spleen removed). We have been given the Army work out schedule for her to build up her stamina. Em in all her wisdom has decided if she has to do this then I'm doing it as well just to  keep her company... So if I suddenly drop off the radar you'll all know I've keeled over from trying to run... My body was not built to run - and apparently there is a lot of it.

My hubs has gone out the morning and is getting the supplies we ordered to build the office/library extension so we'll probably start on this as well at some stage today. (When I say we - you all know I mean Em and the hubs - they know how unco I am, and have banned me from touching any of their tools - no matter how good a job I did with helping Ted do reno's in the Tattoo shop: which come to think of it, Ted wouldn't let me touch the tools either, maybe they have something?)


  1. You know I will make time for areas thru. Email at


    1. Sweet, as soon as i get it back from the beta reader - I will send it your way.