Friday, 14 June 2013

What's The Go...

So yesterday, I packed up all my tax stuff and trundled off to another tax meeting... slowly over the last six months I am finally getting some much needed answers I have been asking for years. Even though I did it wrong (the way I put the tax stuff together - they are going to show me exactly how they want it done for the future). They still thought I had all the correct information neatly presented and they can work with it this time.

We finally have a sunny fricken day so I can get the washing done and hopefully dry...  If not than my house will end up looking like a Laundromat again... that the be-all-&-end-all that the hubs is away.

This cute picture is just because my good friend Cherie Noel sent this to me a while ago on Facebook, and I just had to share it with you all. Everyone knows how much I love bats - they are right up there with cats (wild & domestic), dragons, wolves & gargoyles.


  1. Good going on the tax thing...
    Sunny days are needed for more than laundry...
    I hope hubby is staying safe in travels.


    1. We are all well... after two days I am hoping to get the last of the head hopping in MKITA done and off to the beta reader before I send it your way.