Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Diamond Rose - Inspirational Pictures

(Andy Sixx of the Black Veil Brides) is who I based my character Billy Martin after.. he doesn't really have that much in common with Andy except for the basic facial features and body type. The major difference is Billy is an ex-cop who finds himself mixed up in a case where nothing is as it seems.

(Chris Zylka - I have no clue who he is in real life -  assume a model maybe) is who I am basing Officer Cole Jackson on. not so much in looks but for the style of hair cut and the basic body build. Both my characters are in their middle to late twenties so you need to age them up a tad.

Basic Blurb (may change closer to when I sub this story):

Billy Martin an ex-cop currently undercover in the cities most notorious strip club because the owner of Von Drake’s is being blackmailed. When his police contact is killed, things go haywire.

Officer Cole Jackson has only one job – keep Billy safe at all costs. Cole goes to the one place he knows is impenetrable. The Diamond Rose: his family’s sanctuary, where they find out not everything is as it seems.

As the enemy surrounds them can Cole and Billy work together to save themselves from getting killed in the line of duty, and the lives of those they care about.


  1. I want...I need...lol yum


    1. LOL - I knew you would, Cinders... tell you what I am looking for a big muscled guy to play Dominic... he is Cole's uncle but there is only about 4 years between them he is just huge near 7 foot tall... similar colouring to Cole but the rest is up for grabs in the beginning he has a huge beard but he loses it somewhere in the story.

      Help find me a picture that suits Dominic.

    2. I am on the look out..lol.