Thursday, 31 July 2014

Looking Back & Moving Forward

I had a goal at the beginning of 2014 that was to have 10 books released/subbed... I realised yesterday how close I am to that goal... Counting the other Silver Publishing release The Gaean Prophecies 1: Admetus Gaea which I'm still trying to get rehoused at Wayward Ink Press I'm up to number 8 so I think I'll well and truly reach my goal for this year.

Things happen for a reason... so much has happened this year that has kept me away from the computer and from my writing...funerals, getting ill, and gaining new family members... Sometimes I just wish I had a heads up on what was coming my way.

But back to my writing... I received from Totally Bound some review copies of the new and improved The Connelly Chronicles 1: Family Connections in both epub and pdf... now I just have to send them out into the great wide world for others to see... Wish me luck and happy reviews.

For this next week... I'll be busy getting Ethan enrolled into school and settled into our house. I've been making a list of all the things I still need to do... like organising uniforms, buying books and school supplies etc.

I'm hoping the last 5 months of this year... will be just as productive for me. I'm also hoping that I complete NaNoWriMo this year without something happening. I'm Still not Sure what I'm going to write yet, but I think t might be split between two story lines so that I can get two more of my novella's out of the way. I guess we'll have to wait until November and see what falls out of my head.


  1. Your world is about to change.

    I want to review...pouts. I know you have peeps already doing

    Much love

    1. I haven't sent my copies anywhere yet... I'm still trying to work out this whole self promo thing.