Thursday, 17 July 2014

Real Life ~ Sometimes Not So Fun.

I got conned I tells you... Yesterday Emily rings me up and says. "Mum, come for a drive with me to Ipswich. I have to drop off some tools to be fixed." I'm like okay, nothing major I can sit in a car for 80 minutes. 

Not even 10 minutes into the drive she gets a phone call and we have to go back to the work shed, find, cut, grind, and then load up gear (Z Bar, Push-Pulls, Genset...etc) all this was in the rain. Poor Emily did most of the work as i can't lift anything heavy because of my ouchies, but I did get to drive the forklift--harder than it looks. So anyway, by the time we finished we were both wet... DUCT TAPE is the best invention ever when your fricken workers take all the ratchet straps and don't bother bringing them back. Mind you, Duct tape not so fun for the person who needs to get the gear off the truck. 

So we are all packed up and then we set off for Moogerah Dam... which is about 2.5 hours away from the shed. The first thing we notice is that whoever drove the ute last (Steve) didn't fricken fill the fucker up so it cost me $80 to fill it up with diesel. Luckily even though we winged it on directions we made it there without getting lost, but have realised people don't seem to like doing the speed limit. It was raining and they were speeding past us. 

Then it was a drive down a very steep hill which dropped off one side...not so fun when you're scared of heights - thank god I wasn't driving as I closed my eyes. After unloading the gear and going back to the shed to swap cars we finally made it home around 5:30 pm... we had originally started out at 11 am...So what started out as a 80 minute trip turned into a 6.5 hour trip. Now today we're supposed to go to Ipswich and do what we were meant to do yesterday... here's hoping we get no phone calls.

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