Sunday, 7 April 2013

4 Days Later...

Okay, so it's now 4 days later: I still haven't finished Experimentals: Blessed With A Curse - I swear I only have 1 chapter to go. Though I haven't just pushed it to the side I have actually been busy as all get go. 

I am not a plotter: Yet I have found myself going through all my stories and writing a couple of sentences on what I want to happen in each chapter of said story. So far I have done:

Experimentals: Running into Zero Tolerance.
Sons of Evenmore: Blood to Blood
Sons of Evenmore: Beneath A Red Moon
Lancaster's Way: A Different Way of Seeing
Lancaster's Way: Pre-Loved
Hearts Among The Stars: Dancing to the Beat That's Broken
Hearts Among The Stars: In The Next Room
Flood Gates

Next up in  the sorta plotting out are:

The Diamond Rose: Undercover Hearts.
Toowoomba Boys: Dancing with Demons
Toowoomba Boys: Snapshots in Time
Windblown Kisses: His Damsel in Disgrace
Windblown Kisses: Being Jamie's Bear
Day Walkers: Real You
Taking Chances: Lie to Me (Really just need chapters rearranged)
Taking Chances: Pick me up & Dust me off
Pack Matter's: Chasing Dreams of You
Watson Falls: Between One Heartbeat & The Next (Chapter rearranging)
SPAM Inc: Claiming Roxy's Heart

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