Saturday, 20 April 2013

SPAM Inc...

OMG - I woke up this morning and I had IM over at Yahoo and while I have it I am taking full advantage of the whole thing and talking to Embry Carlysle - Today we are discussing SPAM Inc... and how to get it off the ground so to speak. Over the course of the year we've been planning this universe out, we've made many changes... Taken breaks from it to write other stuff, but we always come back to this series. I finally think we are getting somewhere. 

Now of course you would have to ask Embry her thoughts on this whole series, but I dare say she will tell you I'm driving her nuts (I can be a tad bossy - or so I've heard). Not in the whole - 'you will do it my way or no way at all' - but in the pushing in getting shit talked about and sorted out.

I've also been finding lots of pictures of how I think the universe should look so each realm although connected is distinctly different... Embry is going to go through them at some stage soon and let me know which ones she agrees with and which ones she doesn't like.

So that is basically what me and Embry have been doing today in between our other writing projects.


  1. Well I have to say I am I intrique with this new world. May it come to life soon.


    1. It will if Embry and I can manage to get on IM at the same time... but the world seems to be conspiring against us... LOL.