Friday, 26 April 2013

Reviews & Other News...

I will let you decide whether you agree or disagree - I think this is awesome.


Well honestly, I haven't been doing much as most of my time lately has been spent getting stuff together for the Tax man and trying to organise my ITIN number (which is apparently important if you live outside of the USA and are an author). So if by any chance you're an author and this applies to you for all USA publishers... then I would say you better get one organised.

I also got all the way to the hospital on Wednesday and had no sooner sat down when we found out mum's cataract operation had been cancelled due to a high list of emergency patients. So now we will have to wait until sometime in May before we hear when we're to go again.

Then to top off a very hectic week; a truck drove past me and threw up a rock and chipped my wind screen so now I have the repair guy coming out to tell me if I can repair it or if the whole thing needs replacing.

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  1. Good leerrdd I hope next week is a lot better for you.

    I missed you sweet.