Monday, 15 April 2013

I'm A Slacker, But Hey ~Shit Happens.

Today I had all intentions of writing, and then I spent the whole day figuring out the reading order of my favourite series... because I absolutely hate reading a series out of order and arse-about.

Just to name a few:

Stephani Hecht - Lost Shifters/Drone Vampires/EMS Heat/Wayne County Wolves
Andrew Grey - Farm... Love means/Love/Bottled Up/Work Out
Joyee/Gabrielle/Stormy - The Midnight Matings
Gabrielle Evans - Moonlight breed & Haven (when the crossover)
Lynn Hagen - Brac Pack/ Demon Warriors/Zeus's Pack/Christian's Coven/The Exiled/Brac Village (and how they crossover)
Carol Lynn - Everything
Stormy Glenn - Everything

I promise to get back onto the writing tomorrow - right now I'm gonna go feed my cats, then put my feet up, relax, and finish reading the Lost Shifters


  1. You have to take a me day every once in awhile or maybe two
    I hope you enjoyed the figuring and reading.


    1. I was just reading books in the lost shifters and a bunch of new characters were suddenly there (Tatum, Ackley, Baxley & Ava) when did they enter the coalition? I mean what story?