Monday, 1 April 2013

Why is it...

Why is it the moment you think you have a handle on what you're doing something happens to throw all your well laid plans out the window... Though today for me it could be a total lack of sleep. I was lying in bed last night and all of a sudden my series Windblown Kisses jumped to mind and I couldn't stop thinking about what I had already written... which is almost the whole of book one - all I was meant to do was fix the head hopping before I subbed it. 

Yeah right!

You know as soon as I started thinking about it there was no hope in hell Vlad was gonna let me rest. I lay there for awhile trying to force myself to sleep, but by 2am I was up with a notepad and biro in my hand writing down everything which was buzzing around in my head. I spent the next 4 hours nutting through the 5 book series and getting things set so when it came time to write I was ready.

The picture here on the left of Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and who I've based my Ray Connelly on. It was his eyes which sucked me in. And on the right is Austin Winkler who I've based my Christopher (Viv) Vivens. Now that you see what I see in my head I only have to add that I now have a total re-write to do on My Knight in Tarnished Armour... same story line just in a different sequence and I'm taking out the cheating because I don't think I need that scene any longer. But we all know me - for me it can all change on a dream.

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