Monday, 6 May 2013

Ahhhh - Am I Going Insane OR Is This Just Another Story Idea?

Well, the answer to that is: more than likely. I feel like I've been doing taxes for so long that I'm going through withdrawals from not writing - I liken it to something akin to caffeine withdrawals. So to counteract the feeling I've decided to put the taxes aside for the day and just write something.
I don't care whether it's something I already working on or the new idea rattling around inside my brain. I woke up at like 2 am  and wrote this little bit down.

The Soul Guardians: Loving Callum McKenzie

- If the truth be told, Callum McKenzie looked just as good dead as he did when he had been alive. The mere fact that the dead man was now standing in my living room staring at me with big sad eyes should have had me running away screaming. Yet instead, all I could do was open my arms and wait for him to enter my embrace... Is it bad that I'm happy-albeit in a freaked out sort of way-that he sought me out when he could have gone to someone who had actually been his friend in his life? And now that he's here what the hell am I meant to do with him?

I'm not sure if this Callum McKenzie or the guy he runs to, (must think of a name - any suggestions?) Next question is this a zombie book? a vampire book? or something else like alternate universe? & who the hell is Callum Mckenzie?


  1. Story story story...oh yeah did i say STORY!!!

    Vampire? or ghost that has to figure out who killed him...Name for guy: Daire Osborne (lol my last name) snickers. I am not sure who he is BUT i like him and we need him to come out and play..


    1. I like the way you are thinking - though I know it takes place on a space ship - but I do like the Vampire angle... will work on it and when done I will send you the first chapter and see what you think.