Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Rambling & Then Some

Okay this is just a quickie to let you know - Em is so excited - she finally managed to buy our tickets to see Bon Jovi... So now all she has to do is wait until December 17th 2013. The closer the date gets the more excited she will become and be driving me insane. Luckily between now and then she has our Sydney trip for OZMeet to concentrate on. the just after Bon Jovi we are meeting up with Z on the Gold Coast (PS: Em has been practising her eyebrow raise for you, Z, so expect to get that look).

Yes, I'm about 45 minutes out from getting tattooed by the awesome Ted Saddo at Sink the Ink. But knowing my brother he will be running a tad late so I still have plenty of time - and it so helps I only live 7 minutes away from the shop. In a weird way I'm looking forward to today and in another way I have a deep sigh knowing there is going to be ouchiness for the next week. I may not complain during the tattoo but I'm one of those lucky individuals who has a tendency to bruise afterward. Ted said we are also going to start planning out our next Tattoo - my other sleeve (apparently, at this stage he is doing a heap of Zombies). 

On that Note I am outa here 
Later Gates.

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