Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Lookee-Lookee at what I have here.

The following are photographs I purchased from the very talented DW Skinner, and then the awesomely wonderful Lex Valentine over at Winterheart Designs turned them into collector-card template for me... Enjoy and don't forget to tell me what you think.

Michael Marsden the 1st.

"By dying, I will not fail. Within my lineage, three will come together, and destroy all that you are. You will know them by the colour of their eyes, and come to find just how much I have truly cursed you with the wrath of the lines of Marsden."

Michael Marsden
(The Hands)

"Falls fast, loves forever, & stays true- this is the way of a true Marsden."

Gypsy Marsden
(The Power)

"I'm not bossy, I just make helpful suggestions."

Benj Marsden
(The Heart)

"All things happen for a reason. So keep that in mind."

Christian Risley~Kincaid
(The Drarcaine~Magic)

"I loved you Michael Marsden, but you were never mine."

Doyle Kerwin
(The Loyalty)

"I may just be a little bit in love with you."


  1. Very nice. I like all the information they give. Are they gonna to be in the books so we can flip back and forth for the info? I am not sure about the chick one is she gonna have two males that touch? lol


    1. Gypsy is a necessary part of the whole line of Marsden thing but this is a strictly M/M series. You may read about Gyps kissing or hugging Kerr, but that's as far as it goes.

      Book two: Living in Shadows, introduces Benj Marsden, and he becomes a major factor in their lives. I think book two may upset some people by the storyline... but as Benj would say - all things happen for a reason...

      The cards themselves I am going to make up into sets for give-aways etc. Though, I may have to make up a companion book so people can actually see what's inside my head when it comes to The Lines of Marsden.

      Anything you want to know you can always email me and I can try and explain the why's of it - I may not make sense, but I can let you into my world of all things Marsden for awhile. You may run away screaming but the offer is there.