Wednesday, 6 August 2014

I'm Back...

Even though I have only been absent for four days it seems like a life time ago that I was last here. But I'm finally back on track... I think. We'll find out in a few days whether I am or not...LOL.

What have I been up to? Well I spent the weekend getting Ethan settled in. Then Monday and Tuesday I was running around getting Ethan enrolled in high school and a new sim card so he can get in contact with his mum - only certain phone companies work where we live as we live in a bit of a dead spot.

Now I'm finally back in front of the computer, and I'll hopefully get some writing done. I'm not sure what I'm going to be working on just yet so I'll sort that out today.  I have a few ideas rattling around inside my head... some new -- some old... Though to be honest I'd prefer to wok on something that just needs finishing. Whenever I start on something new it takes me away from something I need to get done and subbed. And we all know what I'm like when I get sidetracked... so not good!


  1. I hope all is going good and was I right your world just shifted 180 degrees with Ethan coming. How is Em?

    1. Em is doing great, she has recently started a bridging course at the university on Toowoomba... she is doing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at least that's what I think it's called... because she was so sick during high school... she has to do this course to get her up to scratch and refresh in her mind what she already knows... She is loving it.

      Ethan is settling in nicely, he's already made friends at school which is pretty cool, he is the sweetest kid... funny as... and has a dry sense of humour like Em. Hoping by the end of the year he'll figure out what he wants to study next year as in grade nine they get a choice.

      The rest of us here are all hunky-dory.

  2. Lol and I am happy you got back to writing also guess I should have said that. Been a rough day with migraines