Friday, 29 August 2014

The Lines Of Marsden

Okay, yesterday I told you a bit about what's going on with The Gaean Prophecies... So I've decided to do the same with all my currents WIPS both in series and in singles.

Today is all about The Lines Of Marsden... I've been working on #3: You Make Me Die In Pieces... I'm having a bit of a brain fart moment on this one as I have to figure out how to bring/give Doyle back his memories.

The guys are back on Australian soil, but nothing is running as smoothly as Michael wishes it would. We have all the old characters present as well as getting introduced to some new people who'll become very important in later books... so keep you eye on Aidan Newell as he is one of those guys.

Gypsy is just coming into her new status as a werewolf, though she is still totally pissed at Maffa for converting her. She is still as bossy as ever, but I wouldn't have her any other way. Benj  & Christian are still rediscovering each other while trying to work out the whole one soul thing going on between Michael and Christian.

The big evil is still Venetia, though this time around she has help, she wants Christian's powers and doesn't care who she has to take out to get what she wants. Michael is never going to let that happen -- So Michael finds himself having to choose which is more important (1) Finding a cure for Doyle's memory loss... or... (2) Stopping Venetia before she kills Christian.

It doesn't help that Venetia has people on the inside of the pack/coven willing to do whatever it takes to help her succeed in her plans. Between the pack and the coven they have to work together as a stronger unit if they have a hope in hell of finding the traitors and taking Venetia down before she slips through their fingers again.

So now you can see where my head is at with this storyline. Even though I've told you all of this when it comes to actually writing it all up I might change the whole damn thing... Feel free to send me any suggestions if you think they'll work.

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