Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Gaean Prophecies.

This model: Tyson Ballou -- is how I envision the character Grayson Gellespie to look like in The Gaean Prophecies.

I thought I'd talk to you a bit about what's going on with this series since the demise of Silver Publishing. Well the truth is I submitted it to Wayward Ink Press and got some interesting feedback that gave me a lot to think about. 

Here's a basis of what I got back, and what I'm thinking on for these three major points:

  1. The story seemed rushed -- This I totally agree with, seeing as I wrote it when I was 12 I can now look back on it and say I can do so much better. This is something I should've done before I ever submitted it anywhere.
  2. The fight scene's are too short and not enough conflict -- Again I'm going to admit writing fight scenes is not my forte. Though after talking to Lily V, I now know they're willing to work with me on this and teach me to write better conflict/fight scenes.
  3. There is too much going on -- This I totally see. Instead of giving everyone their happily ever after in the first book I'm now open to tearing the whole thing down and rebuilding the story so that each couple gets their own story... This may mean that the trilogy turns into a longer running series (still thinking on that one).
I must admit that I totally love this story, because in reality it was my first ever attempt at writing. I'm glad I'm now getting a do over that'll allow me to enhance the story line for you all to read. I hope the basis of the series doesn't change too radically. If it does I want to apologise upfront; so that you know I'm only changing things to make the story better. I'll give you all updates as I know them myself.

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