Thursday, 18 January 2018

Cat Update & Gardens

Firstly, Shut up Leigh... I can talk about them if I want to... LOL. The cat enclosure is finally finished. So Olli (Oliver) hopefully can't escape. He's enjoying having his freedom to run around the yard. Mind you he's spending most of his time lying in the garden bed. I watered this morning so it's nice and cool. I think he likes spying on the dogs next door. He's only tried to escape about twenty or so times and hasn't found a way out so all is good so far. Though, his new fun game is to catch the garden skinks (lizards) and bring them to me alive as presents. So I have to catch and release them back into the garden.

Even Willow's enjoying being able to be outdoors again. She has stolen Olli's bed, but he doesn't mind as he prefers to sleep on the chairs. I'm hoping now they won't run around the house like crazy and annoy the crap out of me. Also good to have their litter tray outside again. I'm sure Olli has a game where he sees how far he can fling the litter each time he does his business. 

Now I just have to concentrate on replacing a few of my plants that died, and putting in the last of my garden beds, but I'll wait for the worst of summer to be over before I even attempt that. If I don't I'll have to pay too much out in water rates to maintain them to keep them alive in the heat.

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