Tuesday, 2 January 2018

New Fur Baby... Oliver

This is a chance to meet my new fur baby, Oliver... Olli for short. He's 4-years-old. I got him from the Toowoomba RSPCA. I wanted to hopefully get a friend for Willow who still was having a rough time after Droogie's passing. So 8 weeks on, Olli has come to live with us.

It turns out Willow wants nothing to do with him, but since his arrival, she has calmed right down and is no longer waking me up every half an hour to check if I'm still alive and with her.

Truthfully, I totally forgot how full-on a 4-year-old cat can be... Willow at 17-years-old is nice and quiet... well, most of the time. Olli is like he's had 50 energy drinks and constantly on the go until he suddenly conks out. We've had to modify the cat enclosure because apparently, he's also a climber and can jump really high. At the moment, he is an indoor cat until my poor brother (Ted) can modify one end of the cat enclosure so that the little bugger can't scale the cat wire and escape━Maybe we should have named him Houdini.

According to this chart, Willow who is 17 is really 84 so she is an old fart. and Oliver who is 4 is only 32. I wanted a fully grown cat and not a kitten as I didn't want to have to deal with litter box training. Plus, I think more kittens get adopted than fully grown cats do. So I'd rather give a second chance to an older cat... but compared to Willow he's a spring chicken. He follows me everywhere and has taken over my bedroom as if it's his own. He's most active at 2 a.m. Why? Why can't they be active during the day and sleep all night? At 2 a.m. He loves nothing better than to run around the tops of my wardrobes & bookcases.

Willow ignores him more than anything, if he gets too close she'll his at him, but at least they aren't fighting. Hopefully, in time she'll become friends with him. I'm just grateful that having Olli here has calmed Willow down because I was worried that I was going to lose her as well. Her appetite has finally come back and she is eating normally again. If I'm honest, she's probably even eating more than she did before. She's even smoochier than ever and demands her cuddle time from whoever she thinks is not paying her enough attention. Maybe we should change her name to Diva. She can be a demanding little thing when she wants to be.

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