Thursday, 4 January 2018

The Trail Of Red Roses

The Lines Of Marsden 4
The Trail Of Red Roses

I've decided to try and finish this one first and get it out of the way so that I can concentrate on my other 100K novel after that. If I get the two big one done straight up then I only have novellas for the rest of the year. I'm thinking that is the most sensible course of action to take.

I must admit I absolutely love writing this series because these boys and their extended families hold a very special place in my heart. Though, even I have to admit they have evolved far beyond the first vision that I had for them. I think they have grown into stronger men than I ever thought they'd become.

I can't wait to share with you the last of the first line so that I can introduce the second line and the adventures, trials, and tribulations that befall them. Mind you I haven't even started plotting that far ahead. I have a few notes jotted down (here's hoping I don't lose them like so many times before). So at least I know where I was planning on going.

Though I don't mind admitting that out of all of them this is the most difficult book to write as it's pulling me in so many directions at once and I'mm trying to hold it all together so that it still makes sense... but in saying that it needs those same differences to make the story grow so that the last two books in the storyline make sense book 5: On The 12th Day is a  Christmas Novella, and book 6: And then You Die, is the final of the first line.

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