Thursday, 11 January 2018

Heatwave Ramble...

I know living in Australia I should be used to the damn heat... but Christ Almighty, I wish it would cool down some, or at least rain to break this dry spell. Somedays it's too hot to damn think let alone sit here and write... even with the aircon on. Which let's be honest, is costing us all a fortune to run these days. We have to have it though, especially those of us with elderly relatives living at home.

Looking out my windows today it is overcast, so I'm hopeful that we might have a break in the weather, but if it's like the last couple of storms they'll last 10 minutes tops... and do jack shit to cool things down, or they'll move around us and we'll miss out completely.

I just need to be able to start thinking again without wanting to constantly change clothes from sweating. Oh, how I miss winter. We never really get cold winters here. so days can get a bit brisk, but other than that they are quite nice. I basically use summer doonas all year round... though, 20 minutes away you will freeze your arse off and be cursing winter to hell and back.

I should mention I'm just bitching and complaining... up here in Sunny Queensland we don't have it anywhere near as bad as some of the other parts of Australia at the moment they're already topping well into the 40°... closer to the 50°... Now that would totally suck and they were out playing test cricket in 47° C heat... then by 6 that night it had dropped to 27°━crazy if you ask me. No wonder people are getting sick.

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