Monday, 8 January 2018

Lost Thoughts & Missing Treasures...

So many times I think of a story and I write down notes on the said story until I can transfer notes to my computer. Why is it when I go to find the damn book I've written the notes in, it's never where I left it? When I ask if anyone has seen it they all tell me no. It frustrates me to no end. Mainly because I'll never remember things the way I did the first time around. I'll always forget some little thing and just my luck it'll be the most damn important thing in the whole storyline. I think on my next day off from writing I'm going to pull out every single notebook and scrap of paper I can find and check if they hold my missing treasures.

I admit most of my story ideas come from dreams that I have, and they are hard to hold onto at the best f times. I always have a notebook beside my bed in case I wake up in the middle of the night and need to jot something down to use at a later date. The weird thing is, it's never about a story I'm working on. It's always a new story idea. I know I shouldn't be taking an interest in any new ideas at the moment, but if I don't write them down then they will be lost forever.

At least if I do go through all the bits and pieces I'll actually know what I have and what is keepable and what I should get rid of, because pounds to peanuts some of it will be shit... I might even see if there is one worthy to turn into a blog story for everyone... Seeing as I'm making an effort to be more blog efficient this year.

I'm also going to start talking more about my books, or more to the point what I'm working on. With the occasional post or two thrown in where I ramble about the ups and downs of writing. I was at a family event on the weekend and my niece told me I talk too much about my cats... Okay, I got the message, Leigh. The cats are off the blog, or until that crazy bastard does something else that's newsworthy. On that note, I'm outa here. I'll catch you all tomorrow.

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