Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Admetus Gaea - Untamed World

Today I started work on Admetus Gaea - Untamed World, this is one of the first books that I ever started writing... It is about Grayson Taylor &  Lord Jondalar Arindad; Ruler of the Elven Kind. I have spent many years creating the world of Admetus Gaea; even creating the language and when in high school I would talk in it all the time just to piss off my teachers.
Though I lost the book for over twenty years and have only just recently found it again. so I have decided that it needed to be dusted off and brought back to life.  So that is what is on my agenda for the next couple of days.

I have sent My Knight In Tarnished Armour off to be proofed, before I attempt to find a publisher for it.

So at the moment I am at loose ends deciding what to work on next... also I am in the process of looking for a beta reader... just so that I can see if what I write flows and is appealing to the readers.  Well they are my plans for the rest of this week.

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