Tuesday, 21 June 2011

What's the Goss'?

Firstly I want to say thank-you to Tiffany, who helped me make a decision as to whether or not to keep Tash as a workable story.  Feedback is a marvellous thing; it really is.

Well for the last couple of days I have been working on a bit of everything.  I am at loose ends as to what to settle on.  Plus, I have been cleaning out my office and finding all sorts of scribbled story line ideas.  So for the next couple of days I will post snippets of different things and get you guys to tell me whether I should keep it or toss it.

Today's snippet is what I am thinking might be good for another blog story.  It is called: The Freedomers... I have mentioned it before.  Just a refresher the main characters are Zephaniah or Zeph (Chance Merrick ) & Nate (Nathaniel Taylor)


You people make me sick!”  Chance spat out as he stared at the half starved rabble before him.  He wasn’t prone to outbursts of anger; but of late, they were becoming more frequent.  “When are you going to realise that.  To them, you are nothing.  To them, you were an experiment that went wrong; or for your sakes, went right.”

“But the bible says...” Chance Glared at the woman who had spoken out.  It was Amber.  It was always Amber.  She had for the past six months been his biggest adversary; but she had also been the one that had kept him alive; by stopping the others from killing him.

Chance sighed as he spoke again, “Your bible is wrong.”  He spoke slowly, letting every word sink in so that they all understood exactly what he meant.

“What are you saying?  Are you telling us that there is no God?  That heaven doesn’t exist?”  Amber asked in her usual forceful manner.  The distrust she felt for this creature was evident to all.  She heard what he had said, but she didn’t want to believe it.  For if she had to believe it, than she had to disbelieve everything she had ever been taught throughout her whole entire life.

“Not as you remember him.  My people were never quite sure where you got that notion from.  At first it suited them, but now it doesn’t.  They are tired of it, and they are tired of you.  Your annihilation has begun,” he watched the fear grow in their faces.

“And why should we follow you?  You’re not even a man yet.”  Joshua pushed his way to the front until he stood beside Amber.  At thirty four he was the eldest, and thought he should be in charge.  He thought that he should lead them; and not this creature that was part of the problem itself.

Chance extended his wings until they just showed past his shoulders.  “I will never be a man,” he whispered, “but, I know how they think.  I know their strengths, their weaknesses, their defences, and their failings.  Do you?”  He directed his words straight at Joshua.  As a Tilly walked towards him, Chance automatically pulled her down beside him.  His arm went around her shoulders and held her against him.  Golden hair framed her face as she began to fall asleep.  He turned his attention back to Joshua.  “You are right, you have no reason to trust me, none at all... except, the moment I killed one of my own to save one of yours, I went from being one of the hunters, to one of the hunted.”  His eyes drifted over them all.  “I am not a God to be worshipped, nor am I one of his angels...  I am just another being trying to survive.”

The hush that had fallen over the group erupted into a babble of voices, as each person present demanded to be heard.  The only ones not speaking were Merrick, and the now sleeping Tilly.

“People... People, listen up.”  Amber shouted to make herself heard over the noise.  No matter what resentment she felt towards this creature he was right.  He knew what they did not.  He knew what they needed, and if they were to survive then they needed him to teach them; and teach them soon.

“People... You all know that I have more reason to hate Merrick than most of you, but he’s right.  If we are to beat them, than we have to do it together and that means everyone.  Forget what you were in the past, for that life no longer exists, nothing matters except our survival.”  She turned to Chance, “Well Merrick, what have you got to say?”

Chance shifted the sleeping girl in his arms her hand slid around his back to grasp hold of one winged appendage in her sleep.  “We have to get off the surface of this planet.  We need to get underground.  The deeper the better.  They have trouble reading what is below this planet’s surface.  They...”

Earth!  This planet you keep referring to has a name, this planet, is called Earth!”  Grant’s deep voice overrode Chances words.  This was the first time that Grant had ever spoken up in a group discussion, and with that one small sentence he had gained the collective respect and admiration of everyone present, including Chance.

Chance thought about it for a while.  He had never heard it called that; and if he had it had never really meant anything to him.  He had only ever heard it referred to as DXT5069B... but Earth had a nice ring to it.  He looked at each of them in turn before he spoke again.  “They have trouble detecting what is below the Earth’s surface,” his eyes finally coming to rest on Grant.

“Mallory, bring whatever maps we have of the area.  Jace, Zane, Grant, go out and get more wood, but be careful, we don’t know what’s out there.”  As Amber spoke, Chance noticed that not one person questioned her authority.  They actually listened to her.  If these people were going to survive, than they had to unite under one person; and that one person was Amber.  He, himself, would never be able to lead them.  They would never fully trust him.  They were unwilling to look past his physical appearance, and they would never see that he was fighting for the right to survive just like the rest of them.

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