Monday, 27 June 2011

Works In Progress

Okay, I have no clue what to blog about today so I thought I would just ramble about everything.  I was going to talk about my new series but I am still working that one out.  So I will let you know what I am up to with everything else.
The Lines of Marsden: I am still waiting to hear back from the publisher on this one, and I can tell you that  I find the waiting hard.  Because, at first we had a mix up... I sent it but they never received it; so I had to resubmit and begin my waiting all over again.  So I am hoping to hear back not long after the 9th of July.
I have been also working on other books in the series... mainly book 2: Living in Shadows, but doing bits and pieces on the others.

Windblown Kisses: I have ideas now to expand it to at least 5 books... one of the favourite characters die in book three (for those of you who know, please don't spoil that bit), this death sets off both good and bad things for other character in the preceding books. I am slowly working my way through it.  because, with the ideas that I have I want to jump ahead and write the latter books.  Which sometimes isn't a bad thing, but this time I need to stick to the story line so I don't screw up the sequence of events.

Untamed World:  Sad to say I have a mental block on this one... I began this at age 12, lost it for over 20 years, found it and now I have a mental block.  This to me is annoying as this is the first book I ever attempted to write. And what I have so far is basically what I wrote way back when; I only had to update a few things in it to make it more pleasing to current readers... I.E. the story Grayson tells them in the cave.

Angels on Top:  This is just a Christmas short involving cousins, neighbours, and a stalker.  It basically has a bit of everything in it.  I haven't as yet got plans to send it anywhere, I was talking To my friend Taylor V Donovan about Christmas stories and it just set my mind off in motion.

Day Walkers: I am at the moment going through and changing one of my female characters into a male.  so that he can be the main character for the next story... it will be just a little while before I am finished, and then I can start writing the story again.

As for all the snippets I have been putting up, I am still not sure what will be happening with those ones.  So I have set them to the side for the moment so that I can mull them over for a few moments.

Lastly: I thought I would like to thank all those wonderful people who are following my blog, and even those that just come to visit... Thank-you for your support it means the world to me.

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