Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Weekly Read

Sean Michael: Unlikely Hero.

I would just like to start off by saying that I absolutely love this book.  I would recommend it to anyone as it truly is a beautiful story... Ms Michael has done a fabulous job in the telling of this tale.

This story brings tears to the eyes and tugs at the heartstrings from the very first page... From kidnapping of a child to the reunion of two men that are still so much in love, even after nine years have passed.  It took something bad to happen to bring Brock Vencenza & Eric Wilson back together... and the love of Josie that will keep them together.

I loved the fact that with so much hate in the story, Ms Michael let Brock & Eric's love shine through... Never once did their love for each other and Josie ever fail... No matter what life and family threw at them they stood strong.

I can guarantee that tissues will be needed while reading this story... possibly many times.  I have been a fan of Ms Michael's for as long as I have been reading MM books... two other series of hers that I love are: The Jarhead series & the Between Friends series... Oh and I couldn't forget First Steps.

On that note I will leave you with my Favourite lines from this wonderful story that is Unlikely hero.

"My papers.  My papers are in the desk at home.  The legal stuff.  In case.  Bee you have to know I still love you.  Fuck, I hurt."

"Shh. Once I get Josie settled, I'm calling my lawyer.  Everything's taken care of, I swear."  He made sure that he had Eric's eyes.  "You know me -- when I say I take care of it, it's taken care of.  Now you need to pull it together, because that little girl wants nothing more in this world but to see her daddy."

"Tell me you heard me.  Please."

"I heard you, Eric."  How could he not have?

"Okay."  Eric seemed to go boneless. "Okay."

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