Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Weekly Read

This week I am choosing my most favourite book to read; it is my happy book and quite often known as my revenge book; because it makes me laugh so much that it can become annoying for others... especially for my hubby when he is trying to watch some boring sport or another.

Okay; so you have guessed that I have chosen: As You Are- by Ethan Day.

This book has it all, it has you laughing, it has your crying and it has you wanting to reach through and slap Danny up the side of the head.

Julian & Danny are our main characters and I can guarantee that you will fall in love with them both. Mr Day has written them both to perfection... I would not have asked for them to be any different. The way their personalities play off each other is something that I have come to value.

Then throw into the mix Julian's mother Delilah, and his best friend Gabby and it makes the story just that much better. This is a book I have read so often that I feel like these characters are family.  Even just thinking about them has put a smile on my face.

Mr Day has written these character's so realistically that they instantly suck you into their world, and once there I know that you will want to revisit over and over.

Julian & Danny's love takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions; every time you think you have yourself under control something new happens that sets you off again.  This book is the one I grab when I am feeling down and I need a pick me up.  It is also the book I grab when I want a happily ever after... even when the way there is fraught with bumps in the road.

If asked to some this book up in less then ten words I would have to say:

Touch football; Dinner party & Break up scene.

This book has it all... I usually end up with telling you my favourite lines from the book. this one is something that Julian is thinking"

Oh yes, Momma.  I'm one tiny-ass shove away from the crazy house. He is doing an excellent job of taking care of me.

On that note I will say, thank you Mr Day for giving me a story that means so much to me... I think I may have to go and re read it again right now.

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