Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Weekly Read

Light and Sirens by: Stephani Hecht.

This is book three in the series: EMS Heat.  Though you could read it as a stand alone book; I recommend you read the series from the beginning as the characters interact throughout all the books.  Yet out of the whole series this is the one I read the most, because I love the main characters: Lucas Harris who is a nurse & Matt Shaw Who is a medic... the story line is set in and around Flint , Michigan.

Seriously though, this book has it all, there is laughter and tears (& yes, I recommend tissues be within reach while reading this book).

I loved the way Ms Hecht has shown the bond of love and friendship in this group of people that work in and around the St. Michael's Hospital.  Sometimes you will love them and other times you just want to slap the hell out of them; that is until you read their story and realise why they behave the way they do. That is when you fall in love with them all over again.

Ms Hecht has neither glossed over the hurt that the characters feel; nor has she made their happiness seem to bubbly.  The characters in this series; when you read about there lives they seem real, because the shit that happens to them is what is happening to people in everyday life.

Other series I can recommend of Ms Hecht's to read are:

The Drone Vampires.

The Lost Shifters. (I love this series).

Friends to Lovers.

Tall, Mean, & Darkly.

I haven't as yet read her Blue line Hockey series & the Archangel series but by the works of Ms Hecht's that I have read so far both in series or as stand alone books, I know that I will enjoy them immensely.

I will end off with my favourite lines from this book:

Lucas didn't know how much he was ready to share, so he decided to distract Jessie.  "Did I really make an ass out of myself on the dance floor?"

Jessie bit his bottom lip, almost as if he were holding back laughter before he said, "You did the Worm.  Does that answer your question?"

"Oh, my God.  Did I really?"  Lucas scrambled to remember exactly what dances he had done and most of what he recalled wasn't pretty.

"Well, you mostly laid on the floor and wiggled some.  But you screamed I'm doing the worm! I'm doing the worm!  So, we all knew your intent."

"Damn."  Lucas held his hand to his stomach as he realised he would have to go into work and face a whole bunch of people who had witnessed that.

Jessie cocked his head to the side.  "Actually, it looked more like a slug to me, but I don't think they have a dance move called that."

"Damn," Lucas repeated, sinking even lower.

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  1. I loved the book also. I like her lost shifter series too.