Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Inspirational Pictures.

Someone posted this on Facebook and I thought it was worthy of a share. Doesn't this picture scream out to you all - I have a story to tell? Or is that just me? At the moment I'm not sure who I will use him as... but this guy whoever he is, is simply stunning.

I might have to use him for inspiration in something Kate Saddo (my YA persona) would write because he seems a little young to me.

This is another picture I borrowed from face book because I thought he would make great character inspiration for my YA writing. Again I have no clue who he is or even how old he is. I just thought he was kind of beautiful and looked young enough to be in a YA story.

Again not sure which story I would put him in but I know there is a character out there for me who has his looks. I may even use him as one of the main characters in my Preternatural High story line.

This Picture of Andy Sixx is inspirational for my character Jesse MacArthur who is a feline shifter, who is very protective of the boy he thinks may possible be his life mate.

In this series I actually have the first two stories started but recently they have been put on the back burner for a bit... until I can work out where the story is heading.

I'm pretty sure this guy is Roger Garth (model) he is the inspiration for  Skyler Tate... the would-be mate of Jesse. For some reason both looks just seem to mesh for me.

Skyler is so much preternatural as he is magical. mind you he thinks he is human so it is a bit of a shock for him when he learns the truth about his heritage and what Jesse could mean to him. I'm taking a little bit longer on these stories just to make sure I get it right and don't make it too Adult in nature.


  1. wow, talk about inspiration :D

    1. If you ever find a picture you think I might be interested in please send it my way.

  2. The first thing I thought when I looked at the first picture was Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby. Maybe a take off of that movie would make a good story.

    1. I must admit I haven't ever seen that movie with Brooke Shields I was thinking more along the lines of Blue Lagoon in Brooke's looks. I'm just not sure what story he will fit into just yet.